Customized Water Treatment for Tanning, Industrial, and Municipal Wastewater Processing

At Process Masters, each one of our clients has come to appreciate our comprehensive approach to wastewater problem solving. Our wide range of treatment programs include elements like TSS removal, phosphate removal, bioaugmentation for removal of BOD, COD and ammonia, micro and macro nutrient programs for biological systems, removal of metals, and control of pH, alkalinity, foam, and odor-causing sulfides.

Tank or reservoir for biological purification and cleaning of dirty sewage water by active sludge. Modern technologies in wastewater treatment plant, toned
Modern urban wastewater and sewage treatment plant with aeration tanks, industrial water recycling and purification.

What We Do

We provide a number of water treatment products and services specific to industrial and municipal wastewater processing needs.  Our approach to each plant utilizes all of our resources to design a program for the specific needs of each of our clients 

At Process Masters, we focus solely on your challenges until your specific needs are met. Our team has compiled decades of real, hands-on experience in treating DAF’s, presses, centrifuges, clarifiers, lagoons,  thickeners etc. When you call Process Masters, we’ll provide all the equipment required for installation, maintenance, and treatment application. Additionally, our expert technical representatives  will monitor your process, the results, and costs to ensure you get the most from your treatment investment.  We also monitor inventories and usages to ensure consistency and provide just-in-time delivery.

Our comprehensive water treatment plans include exceptional customer service!  Contact us today!

Our Capabilities

  • Phosphate Removal
  • Bioaugmentation programs for removal of BOD, COD, FOG, and ammonia
  • Metals removal
  • Micro and Macro nutrients for optimum biological health and performance
  • Control of pH, alkalinity, foam, and odor
  • Treatments for DAF’s, presses, centrifuges, and thickeners
  • Metering equipment
  • Expert technical service
  • TSS removal

We offer cutting-edge products and custom-designed treatments for your industry.

We’re Also Active in the Laundry and Textile Industries

Like many commercial industries, the laundry and textile industries also presents significant water treatment challenges, especially when you’re aiming for consistently successful results. With our unmatched product line and decades of experience, we adapt our programs to successfully control variables like TSS, color, COD, BOD. FOG, and pH in order to offer you consistent results that meet your standards all while maintaining low treatment costs.

We invest time and energy into your site in order to better observe, test, and record the specifics about your particular needs. During our routine visits to your facility, our technical representatives will deliver our quality products and  no-cost maintenance on all provided equipment to provide you with real results that last.

Coagulation test (Jar test) wastewater from industry plant, Water quality test

We Provide:

  • Control of parameters such as TSS, color, COD, BOD, FOG, and pH for consistent results.
  • Solid/Liquid Separation:
    • Clarification of wastewater through coagulation and flocculation of suspended solids using existing clarifying equipment
    • Color removal to ensure discharge permits are met
    • Sludge dewatering programs to make the most of a press or other dewatering equipment
  • Solid Deposit Control:
    • Wax, grease, and deposit removal through our full line of cleaners.
  • Process Additives
    • Industrial cleaners for any application
    • Defoamers/antifoams for optimum foam control
    • pH adjustment programs
  • Metering equipment
  • Expert technical service.

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